IMG_5172.jpg IMG_5181.jpg

Torch Sconce - Brass

from 225.00
Torch Sconce - brass and white IMG_6177.jpg

Torch Sconce - brass and white

from 225.00
Torch Sconce - brass and black IMG_4932.jpg

Torch Sconce - brass and black

from 225.00
IMG_5472.jpg IMG_5477.jpg

Torch Sconce - white powder coat

from 225.00
IMG_6462+2.jpg IMG_6465 2.jpg

Torch Sconce - black powder coat

from 225.00
Recess Sconce - Brass and White Powder Coat IMG_6609.jpg

Recess Sconce - Brass and White Powder Coat

from 215.00
IMG_6623.jpg IMG_6355.jpg

Recess Sconce - Brass and Black Powder Coat

from 215.00
IMG_4891.jpg IMG_4887.jpg

Recess Sconce - Brass

from 215.00
IMG_3671+2.jpg IMG_3664.jpg

Henry Sconce- Brass

from 230.00
IMG_6155.jpg IMG_3852.jpg

Henry Flush Mount- Brass

from 200.00
Henry Sconce- White IMG_4736.jpg

Henry Sconce- White

from 230.00
IMG_6587.jpg IMG_6591.jpg

Henry Flush Mount- White

from 200.00
Henry Sconce- Black IMG_4751.jpg

Henry Sconce- Black

from 230.00
IMG_6600.jpg IMG_6596 2.jpg

Henry Flush Mount Sconce- Black

from 200.00
IMG_6380.jpg IMG_6382.jpg

Jay Street Sconce - white

from 185.00
IMG_6406.jpg IMG_6404.jpg

Jay Street Flush Mount- White

from 150.00
IMG_6432.jpg IMG_6433.jpg

Jay Street Sconce - black

from 185.00
Jay Street Flush Mount - black IMG_6291.jpg

Jay Street Flush Mount - black

from 150.00
Jay Street Sconce - Brass IMG_6223.jpg

Jay Street Sconce - Brass

from 185.00
IMG_6191.jpg IMG_6193.jpg

Jay Street Flush Mount- Brass

from 150.00
IMG_6024 2.jpg IMG_6016 2.jpg

Northern Sconce- Brass

from 190.00
IMG_6412.jpg IMG_6428.jpg

Northern Sconce- Single- Black

from 190.00
IMG_1022 (2).jpg IMG_1025 (1).jpg

Florence Sconce- Single - Brass

from 190.00
IMG_2293.jpg IMG_1761.jpg

Florence Sconce- Single - Black

from 190.00
IMG_1655.jpg IMG_1075.jpg

Weston Sconce- Brass

from 205.00
IMG_1691.jpg IMG_1686.jpg

Weston Sconce- Black

from 205.00


from 150.00
IMG_3542.jpg IMG_2518.jpg

York Sconce- Brass

from 115.00
IMG_3611.jpg IMG_0707.jpg

Spotlight Sconce

from 145.00
IMG_0513 (1).jpg IMG_0503 (1).jpg

Lunar Sconce

from 90.00
Carlyle Spotlight IMG_5159.jpg

Carlyle Spotlight

from 195.00


from 95.00